Why Google And Amazon Are Investing In Robotics Companies…

Hi, Matt Clarkson here, and I wanted to do a quick video today. It’s coming up towards Christmas time, and this isn’t the Christmas message that I’ll be sending out to you. What I wanted to talk about was what’s happening right now with Amazon and their fulfilment centres, and what they’re doing to get their products our for the Christmas present rush.

We all know it’s a great time for people to be buying presents for other people. It’s a great time to be buying presents for yourself, as well. What happens is that some of their big fulfillment centers — they have over 80 of them all over America — get swamped. They get inundated with people doing extra orders for this time of year.

Traditionally, what they would do is have what they call “grey nomads” or “grey workers” come in, who are mature people who would come in and help out this time of year. They still do that, to some extent, to help with the backlog of orders. What they’ve also got now is a very strong system of robotics in place. In fact, they have over 15,000 robots working for them all across the country in their fulfillment centers, to help get these products out.

If you think about that, that’s absolutely astounding that there were once people who were doing those tasks, who have now been replaced by these robots. In fact, Amazon invested in a robotics company, and spent over $800 million buying this robotics company to be able to create these new robots to work in their business.

It’s been a really interesting year when you talk about robots and companies buying robots. I also know that Google this year purchased eight different companies that make, design, and develop robots. That’s amazing when you think about some of these big companies spending literally billions of dollars investing in companies that are going to build robots to replace people in tasks, in many different fields, in all different types of industries, all over the world.

I wanted to bring this message to you. It’s part of the message that I always wanted to bring, and that’s really just to make you aware, to make you understand that the world is changing. We have the ability now to be ahead of the game. There are going to be a lot of people who aren’t aware of all this. They’re not out there looking, they’re not actively trying to find ways to change what they do to prepare for the changes coming, but you can.

Stay tuned. We’re going to send out lots of different information about what’s happening in the future, and how we can take care of our own financial future, by creating our own incomes from home and possibly even online. Enjoy the message. Please leave your comments. More coming. Stay tuned. Bye, for now.Why Google And Amazon Are Investing In Robotics Companies…



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