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Hi, Matt Clarkson. Welcome back to this week’s video.We’re going to be showcasing the amazing, the astounding, the disruptive, Uber. With Uber, it’s completely changed the game when it comes to personal or public transportation.

What we’re seeing is this company Uber, they’re a $50 billion company already, and they’re all over the globe. The way they work is that they actually allow individuals to tap into their app and to become the personal driver, and be able to pick people up, take them wherever they want to go, drop them off. It all happens automatically through the Uber app.

What you’re able to do is you are able to drop a pin. There’s an example here. You can actually see on the screen that you can see the cars, you can see them, they’re ready and waiting, and you know how far off they are. This here says three minutes before one to come and pick me up if I was going to drop the pin and request someone to pick me up.

We’re seeing this completely changed the way people catch buses, or maybe they might drive their own car, or use the taxi services. What’s really interesting is it’s so disruptive they’re actually seeing people all over the world. We’ve seen people in France were rioting, flipping over Uber driven cars, we’ve seen people starting to cause violence against some of these Uber drivers.

Because the taxi industry, by far, has been something that has been monopolized in some countries.

What that means is that when it’s a monopoly they’re not so careful about the customers, they forget the customer. Really what they’ve done is they’ve become really lax with regards to looking after their business.

Something else has come through, something better, something game changing. That’s what Uber has actually done. What we’re seeing happening now is instead of people catching taxis, I will avoid catching taxis if I have the ability, because I travel a lot.

I can drop an Uber pin pretty much anywhere in the world and someone will pick me up, I can see how far away they are, I know that they’ve been vetted by the service, I know that they are trackable.

Here’s the thing, I can give them feedback and a star rating on what the service was like with that person. If it was great, I give it five stars. If it wasn’t so great, I can give them whatever rating I felt was safe or what I thought was deserving.

But here’s the thing, they can also rate you. The driver can rate the customer. If you’re not a good customer they can then choose to delete you from the service, which is fantastic.

Holding everybody accountable has been something that eBay have been doing for many, many years with regards to their feedback system. They can do it with Uber as well.

What we’re going to see in the future is that people are going, “Why would I want to catch a taxi that’s more expensive, that’s slower?” If the service isn’t
as good then I’m going to change and it’s not going to go back to the old ways.

What we’re seeing the next thing, and this is really cool, is Google have invested in Uber. And Google have what coming? The driverless cars. What we could possible see in the future is that the car will come and pick you up, there will be no driver, and it’s all taken cared of online.

When you think about disruption with the traditional and what’s normal, we’re going to see more and more of these types of services and apps coming out that are going to completely change the game.

If you haven’t used Uber already, give it a try. Sometimes I get them to pick up my mother who is unable to drive now. If I don’t have the time to pick her up, I can send an Uber driver to pick her up and bring her to my place so we can meet, or do so many cool things.

I really love the service. I love the app itself. I’m sure that if you try it out, you probably would like it as well. Another game changing app coming your way. I’ll have more of those to come.

Hope you’re enjoying these series of different apps that we’re going to be showcasing. I would love your feedback, if you want to leave it on the page here, and let us know your experiences with these different types of apps. Please let us know.



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