Thinking In Small Business Is A Forgotten Art Form

Hi, it’s Matt here, and I just wanted to touch base with you, because it’s actually been awhile since I’ve done my last video blog.

Why is that? Well, I’ve actually been away overseas for the last nearly five weeks enjoying a winter break. It’s one of the things that we like to do, is take some time out during the year to go over how the year’s been going for us.

One of the important things we like to do is actually think about how the year’s gone, how the year’s looking for the future, and think about what we’ve achieved, what we didn’t achieve, what we want to try to get done moving forward.

One of our great mentors, Jim Rohn, he believes it’s important to take some time out each week to see how your week went, take some time out each month to see how your month went, and also take some time out at the end of the year to see how your year actually went as well.

We really like to do that, because for us a holiday’s not just for time away from what you’ve been doing and to recharge the battery so to speak. For us it’s also about thinking and planning and looking at where our year is going to go moving forward.

And so for us, planning and thinking is probably one of the most under-utilised strategies in your life and in your business moving forward. And so, that’s something that we like to do.

The great thing is, even though I had time away, in that time, this is on my holiday, I read three business books, I came up with a whole new marketing campaign for Facebook and using webinars, came up with a whole new PowerPoint presentation to be able to start to implement for some of these new strategies moving forward.

For me, that was a really good time away, because it gave me time to think about it, time to start to implement these ideas and strategies, and tie them to…just really take some time out and think, read, plan. All these things are actually essential for your growth in your business if you want to be an entrepreneur and for your life in general. So, by doing that, we’ve found that we’ve become a lot more productive.

So, think about your life. Think about, do you take time out to see where you’ve gone, to see how you went, to reflect on things that went right, things that went wrong, so that you can then start to think about how can I actually move forward, be more positive, be more active, and be more results driven.

Because I think so much of this world is all about move, move, action, action, action. Which is great, and we need to do that. I certainly subscribe to being an action taker.

But one of the most forgotten ingredients is thinking. Thinking is a great way for you to step back and see, are you being the most effective in your business and in your life? How could you be more effective? What could you do to improve what you’re doing, to improve your results, and to hopefully get the results that you’re looking for, whether it be time, whether it be more income.

Without this missing ingredient of thinking, we really do add more time onto our business. Most people, they’re reticent about taking the time out, but the reality is that thinking time is one of the best things that we can possibly do.

So, add that into your schedule. Think about when can you put thinking time in there, and take some time out.

Well, I hope this has been helpful, and I look forward to sharing more video blogs with you, coming very shortly. Bye for now.



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