The Right Mindset To Make Money For Success – Thoughts For Christmas

I was thinking recently about the different thoughts people have towards success and making money, and more importantly, what they’re prepared to do to achieve it.

Often with our training many people say they are looking forward to being able to retire. It’s some misguided ideal that not working is something to aspire to.

But let’s look at the mindset of many successful people like Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Frank Lowy, Harry Triguboff…every one of these people are hugely successful in fact they are Billionaires. So what is the main ingredient that each of these people have?

They are all extremely successful, they could stop working and not only live the rest of their lives in splendour, their families could live for generations to come without having to work as well. And yet they all work pretty much full time.

So why is it people who are still chasing success are always only thinking about stopping and doing nothing…
when successful people wouldn’t dream of stopping…ever?

It’s a big question to ponder and there’s no better time to think about the new year, and the endless possibilities, than when one year is finishing and we have the time to reflect and think.

Use this precious time well and ask yourself…what do you need to do to change your mindset and how can you think differently towards becoming successful in what ever you choose to?

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the moments!




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