Another Great Reason To Work From Home…Google & Uber Combine Technology To Disrupt The Taxi And Limo Industry

Hi, Matt Clarkson here, best‑selling author, eBay expert, and online expert for marketing.

One of the things I wanted to share with you this week is about how we’re seeing such tumultuous change with industries. This is really quite exciting, and also a little bit unnerving if you don’t know what’s happening in the future.

What am I actually talking about here? I’m talking about technology that disrupts a whole industry. I was recently in America, and there’s an app you can get for your smartphone called “Uber.” Uber is actually the fastest‑growing company on the planet right now.

What do they do? What they do is they actually are an aggregator for limousine drivers. What this is doing is it’s really shaking up the old taxi industry overseas, and it’s also coming down to Australia as well.

What that means is, traditionally there was an industry that was very fragmented, that wasn’t really collated very well. Uber have come together with this simple and powerful and very well‑created app, which means you can just get on there, you can book a limo, and it shows you where they are anywhere around you, and it tells you quickly how soon your car will be there.

I’ve tried this quite a number of times, and it’s absolutely fantastic. That was stage one of a new technology disrupting an old industry, which is the old taxi/limousine industry.

What I found out this time as well, which was really, really interesting, is that Google have now just invested into Uber. What this means is that people might think “How amazing for that company, they’ve got such a big conglomerate of funds and finance and experience investing into your business.” However, Google have a much smarter and a much larger plan, and this is where we start to talk about disruptive technology take two.

We’ve started off, the first one was that Uber was an iPhone or a smartphone app that was transforming the taxi and driver industry, so that you could get picked up and taken to wherever you want to go.

What Google have in mind is that not only are they going to invest in this business, which they’ve already done now, they’re going to take it to a whole new level where they’ll be bringing in their driver‑less cars.

You really think about that right now. What they’re seeing is this new technology has changed the game in an industry where people are not quite satisfied with the way it was originally being done. What they’ve seen is, OK, here’s a disruptive technology that they’re going to take to a whole new level.

What this means is what we’re going to see in the future, and it won’t be that far off, is driver‑less cars will be picking you up when you need to get a taxi or a limo to go somewhere.

What that means is there’s going to be literally thousands and thousands and thousands of people all over the world, who always thought that their industry might have been safe, that there was always going to be a job for someone that might not have previously had much education, or might not have had many skills, would’ve been able to go in, drive a cab, create a great income for themselves and look after their family. Now that’s going to disappear.

Why I like to bring these videos to people’s attention is to highlight the fact that this world is changing. The whole system of what we’re used to seeing, where employers and employees and people being employed to do roles, is completely changing.

I’m really passionate about it, because I see the world changing. I used to be involved in the construction industry, and I see that changing now, where different trades are disappearing, and new ones and new technologies are coming into play.
Watch out for it. Keep an eye on what’s happening, because we don’t know what your industry, what your current job is going to be doing in the future. I just want you to have an open mind, keep your eyes open to what’s changing, what’s happening in the world, so you’re not left stuck wondering what to do.

What do we think you should do? Look after your own income, create multiple streams of income, preferably online. Maybe you might be doing importing, whatever it might be. Start to take care of your future, because we don’t know where your future lies.

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