Technology Is Changing The Way We Run Online Business, Find Careers And Even Look For Employment Jobs

Hi, Matt Clarkson here, and I wanted to chat this week about something really interesting that I observed while I was away recently in America.

One of the things I’m always on the lookout for is how things are going to work in the future, how are people going to shop, how are people going to spend money? Obviously I’m passionate about that because I’m an online retail expert, and for me it’s all about seeing what is the next thing coming?

I always wonder, will they get to a point where things just happen so quickly; I wonder can we keep up? I know a lot of traditional business owners are already feeling that way.

One of the things that I look at is how people will actually use technology in the future. How will we consume information? How will we look, how will we shop online, and how is it going to affect our lives?

One of the things that happened recently was we were at a restaurant in America, and in Australia we call a black coffee a long black, and it’s an espresso with hot water, it’s called a long black. In American they call it an Americana.

Now I just ordered a long black just not thinking of where I was and the lady looked a little bit confused at me. She was probably about 22, 23 years old, and she went away and then she actually came back and said, “I just asked Siri what a long black was and it told me.”

I was actually blown away because she hadn’t gone away and Googled something, which is what we’ve been used to doing for probably the last 10 years. She went away, she actually grabbed her iPhone and on iPhone there’s a feature in there called Siri. Some people know about it, some people use it. A lot of people don’t.

The way Siri works is you actually press and hold the button and then you ask it a question and it will tell you the answer. Now this girl had gone away and she wanted to find out the answer to a question and she used her mobile phone. But she didn’t just use her mobile phone and Google something, because you can obviously do that as well. She used the Siri feature.

That really was astounding for me to think that here’s a whole next generation of thinking. Here’s a way that we can actually look something up and find the answer to information we’re looking for and it wasn’t even Google and it wasn’t even sitting at a computer. I just find that absolutely fantastic to think, what’s next? How’s it going to work? How are people going to consume information?

That’s where we really have to start to think about, OK, well how are going to use that information of how people will look things up and shop and look online, and how are we going to profit from that?

I don’t have all the answers right now, but I’m certainly on the edge looking, trying to find ways to keep up with what’s happening. Because it’s happening quickly. We need to have as much information we can get our hands on to make sure we keep up, to make sure we’re on the edge of what’s happening and how people are going to shop.

Because the mobile phone has been an absolute game changer for us and many other online shoppers in the last five years. In fact, eBay released this statistic. There was over $22 billion was spent on the eBay platform in 2013 just on mobile phones.

When you think about that that is a heck of a lot of money for people to be sitting there shopping just using their mobile phone. The future’s amazing, the future’s really changing and so far mobile phones will have a place in that, but we’re yet to see what is the next device? What is the next thing that’s going to help people to interact online, to shop, to do so many different things.

Keep your eyes open and keep your eyes peeled because there’s a lot happening, there’s a lot changing, and we want to make sure we’re up to date with it. We’ll certainly be sharing with you as much as we can here at Easy Home Business. Stay tuned, bye for now.



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