Robotics And Outsourcing Changes The Future Of Employment In Australia

Hi, Matt Clarkson here from Easy Home Business. This week I wanted to chat about the way the world is growing, changing, and evolving with regards to robotics and automation. In one of the studies that was performed last year by Austin University was talking about how up to 40 percent of all current jobs that exist today will be either automated our outsourced within 20 years.

For some people that’s a pretty scary notion. There are also a lot of people who believe their job can’t be outsourced and can’t be done by something else. I saw a video today that was talking about a company called Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics was an independent company until recently. Google bought them out. They’ve actually got a robot there that can cut holes in walls. It has a humanoid sort of shape. This robot was literally standing on one leg, stacked up on three different basalt blocks, bricks essentially, and doing all sorts of balancing acts with its arms high and legs high, balancing up.

This robot was using all the different senses around it to be able to balance itself on one leg on top of these bricks. If you think about the agility of that machine to be able to do that and what it could possibly do in the future and starting to look at all the different ways that robotics could be replacing many different tasks, many different roles that a lot of people are currently doing, we’re also talking about different types of robotics and software that will automate things as well.

As part of seeing that, I then had a conversation that was really just a flow and effect. It was quite interesting. I had a meeting with my account today. He was talking about he’s currently looking at how he can outsource some of his current employee work to Vietnam.

Apparently there’s a very strong foundation of people in Vietnam who are Australian trained tax agents and qualified CPAs for Australia. The amazing thing is there’s basically whole companies over there that are supplying work for accounting services to the Australian marketplaces that are done by local people in that country.

The dilemma that he voiced, that a lot of employers voice, is sending jobs overseas. However, what a lot of employers realise is that employee ethics are changing and evolving. In some cases, not all, of course, but in some cases they’re not where you would like to think they were or where they used to be with regards to how employees value having a job and what they’re prepared to do and willing to keep their job as opposed to different societies where they are so hungry for employment and will do anything.

They’ll work hard. They are qualified, and they’re smart and switched on. They really want to be involved and be part of a dynamic company. He was just a small business owner who was looking at ways to improve his profitability while delivering better customer service to his customers, Australian businesses.

One of the ways he was looking at doing that was by outsourcing his services to another country. People go, “I don’t know if I agree with that.” Obviously it’s going to affect the marketplace here. It will definitely affect the marketplace here.

The food for thought for you is to think, “What is happening out there in the marketplace?” What is your job looking like? What are the economics looking like for the position and the services you deliver? Are they secure? Are they long term? Are you delivering the best service you could be to your employer so he or she doesn’t think to themselves?

Maybe I don’t need you anymore. Maybe down the track there will be a robot that can do your job. Maybe there will be software that will replace your role. It’s something that’s very important to me to get this message out there so people will understand that the position you now have might not even exist in a few years’ time.

It might exist, but it might exist in another country. Are you prepared for that eventuality? A lot of people wound want to hide from it. They want to pretend that it’s not happening, but this is happening. It’s happening very quickly. That’s why we’re here.

That’s why at Easy Home Business we bring all these different types of opportunities to show you what’s possible and how you can be, as I showed you in last week’s video, you can be a digital nomad. You can earn an income over the internet from anywhere in any country, if you choose to or just from home if that’s what you want to do as well.

The message is clear. Change, evolve, grow. Learn something new. Do something different, because you do not want to be left behind as this world changes. Bye for now.



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