Make More Income By Becoming A Student Tutor: How And Why

 8,300 teenagers drop out of high school every day. That adds up to more than three million a year, or 7.4 percent of the student population.

If asked, every single of these kids would cite the difficulty of schoolwork as one of their reasons for dropping out. It’s a sentiment echoed even among students who choose to stay in school. From delinquents who don’t care to valedictorians feeling the pressure, kids these days just aren’t getting the support they need to feel confident about their education.

Want to help reverse the tide of dropouts and despair? Become a student tutor. Not only will you be making a difference in a child’s future, but it’s a fast, easy and convenient way to make a little extra cash.

If you’re ready to try your hand at one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, here are a few reasons to consider work from home tutoring.

Building Skills and Study Habits

Most students have no idea how to study. From little kids memorizing their multiplication tables to AP physics students struggling with kinematic equations, they’re part of a generation that never really learned to sit down and apply themselves.

This is where you come in as a tutor.

Study after study has shown that supervised instruction is one of the best ways to learn. The teachers will catch mistakes earlier, correct bad habits faster, et cetera.

They’ll also impart personal and child-specific advice. For example, “Your chemical equations are correct but you have a tendency to mix up your alkali metals with your halogens.” This is the kind of on-the-ground feedback that children need to hear to improve themselves and their work.

They won’t get it in a crowded classroom, but they can get it from you.

Fun Yet Challenging Work

If you’re looking to make money teaching, there’s really nothing better than becoming an after-school helper. The student tutor business is a thriving industry:

– You’ll always find work. There’s always another student, another subject, another need.
– You can set your own schedule with as much flexibility as you require.
– Work from home tutoring means you can do everything from your pajamas.
– It’s the chance to share your knowledge and passion with eager young minds. For example, if you’re an avid bookworm with a instinctual knowledge of grammar and spelling, teaching English will be like a hobby with a paycheck.
– Tutors enjoy high rates, much higher than many traditional jobs.
– You’ll be able to see the results of your work every time a child gets a problem correct.
– Training to become a tutor is easy.

Every year the U.S. slips a little lower in international education rankings, and as a result, more parents and politicians are turning to sources outside the home to fill the gap. Take advantage of this climate while you still can!

Changing Lives

The best reason to go into the student tutor business is also the most simple: It really makes a difference for the ones you’re tutoring. It doesn’t matter if they’re “C” students struggling in school or if they’re an honor roll whiz just looking for an extra edge; every child can benefit from one-on-one lessons and personal attention, and that’s where you’ll swoop in to save the day.

Don’t let these kids fall into the cracks of an educational system that doesn’t care. Reach out your hand and change a life. It’s easy, it’s rewarding and it will teach you just as much as it teaches them.



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