LastPass Is A Game Changing App For Cyber Online Security At Easy Home Business


Hi. Matt Clarkson here. This week we’re going to be talking about game changing apps and software that we use on our mobile phones today, and how it is completely changing industries, it’s completely changing our businesses and it’s also completely changing the way we run our life.For the next few weeks I’m actually going to be showcasing different apps and different software and how we use these different tools in our life today, and the amazing ways that it’s enabled us to change what we do.

This week I’m going to be talking about a software program that you can use on your phone called Last Pass. It’s not just on your phone, you can use it on your desktop, it syncs them all together. Essentially, what this is is the last tool you’ll ever need to have to worry about your passwords for all the things that you do.

The great thing is about a tool like this is you can actually use it to keep control of staff, if you actually have staff. What you’re able to do is you are able to set up all of your different passwords in one spot. Then what you can do is you can give your staff one single access that they need to get into all the things that you need them to get into.

Prior to something like Last Pass what we did was personally…we have hundreds of different things that we use as tools, and software, and logins for what we do. We have different staff with different access, with different things and different reasons. Then if someone left or if someone wasn’t right for the business and they had to move on, we had to change all the passwords for everything that they had access to.

With Last Pass what we’re able to do is give this person one access pass. It covers everything that we give them access to that they need to. Then for whatever reason if they do move on, then we can actually just switch off that one single pass for that one person, and without having to change everything that we do, with all the different subscriptions and softwares and all their logins that we have stored and that we need to use every single day.

For you, maybe, it’s just keeping things simple. Maybe you just have one virtual assistant that you use part time or maybe it’s just you working on one computer at work and a different computer at home, or you’re using your phone to do different things as a work tool as well.

Last Pass is something that you can use, and it will protect everything for you. You only ever need to remember one password ever again.

Super simple. It’s a game changing, really simple, really secure idea to be able to help you run a business, to be able to run your life and to be able to help you make things smoother and easier moving forward.

That’s Last Pass. We’re going to have some really exciting, different apps that we’re going to be sharing and showcasing with you over the next few weeks and months.



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