Jobs From Home Is The Future Of Careers To Get More Income Part Time

I want to share with you this week about the whole concept of jobs from home, and how that really came about; in essence where it really started.

Many years ago, hundreds of years ago, the family unit was all based around running a farm in a rural environment, using farming, whether it be livestock, grain or whatever it might have been. The home was really a focal point of life.

If you think about it, people lived in the one place. They worked on a farm. Kids were born there. Kids were educated. They grew up there, and, quite often, people worked and lived at home, and lived throughout their whole life without really having to go to cities, without having to go to all the areas for employment. That’s changed.

What we’re seeing happening in the last hundred or so years, with the industrial world kicking in and people moving to cities to find work, is that we’ve created is an environment where people have to now commute from the home to an office or to a place of employment.

What we’re seeing now — this is the really exciting thing — is the fact that the world has now come, in a sense, to a full circle where we have the ability now, thanks to the Internet, to be able to work from home, in a job, as a career, as a business, or whatever we choose to do. What it means is that the home environment, the focal unit, could really evolve back to the way it used to be many years ago.

If you think about it, most people in their home environment don’t travel too far. They go to the local stores. They go to the local supermarkets. They live locally. They go to schools locally. What we’re seeing is that whole turnaround. People are having children at home again and stay at home kids, stay at home moms and working from home, thanks to the Internet, thanks to the ability for people to be able to start working from home. The whole idea there is that you might be able to re-engage back with your family, instead of spending two to three hours, for some people, commuting to and from work. That’s extra time you could be working at home.

If you’re currently working and you want to be able to do this, how would approach your boss? How could you try and get the opportunity to be able to work at home and still be employed by someone else? That’s something a lot of new businesses have really started to look at the idea of.

Some of the big companies in America are being able to do this. They started to look at the cost savings, less office space required, and for some businesses that have got employees on the road. They used to be sales people out there. They’ve got fuel costs, running cars. A lot of this now can be telecommuted over the Internet, over the telephone, and people have the ability to work from home.

How could you do this? Could you do this, could you approach your boss or employer and start to try and see if you might have the ability, the flexibility to work from home?

It might not work straight away. It might not work every day, but what you could do is, you could get in touch with your employer and put it to him that you could start off doing say one day a week, one day a fortnight, even one day a month, and start testing it, and proving that this is possible.

Because the reality is in a normal eight-hour day, you’re really only looking at three to four hours of pure productivity from working in an environment in which you’re always being interrupted, you’ve got phone calls, you’ve got people stopping by. You could be more productive working from home.

That’s one of the things I do now. I spend three days a week, out of five, working from home. I have an office. We have staff. We have employees here and oversea, but I’ll get the majority of my work done when I’m working at home, block time, and really getting into the design.

See if you can do that. See how you could do that. Look at the opportunities, and let us know. Please call me below and let us know if you’ve been able to make the transition from commuting to work to tele-communicating and staying home. See you next time.



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