Is World Ventures A Pyramid Scheme?


Hi, there. My name is Matt Clarkson. Welcome to our Easy Home Business website.

We showcase all different types of businesses here. We talk about all the different ways you can create an income from home. In this video today, we’re talking about World Ventures, and the question, “Is World Ventures a pyramid scheme?”

It’s very interesting that people will label something, a certain type of business or a certain type of strategy without truly understanding what it means. The idea of a pyramid scheme, this is the sort of thing that comes and goes. Essentially, what happens with a pyramid scheme is that people are transacting and swapping money for nothing in return.

For example, there was one around 20-odd years ago, which was the plane game. You would put in x amount of money, and then as people below you put in more money, then you raise up the ranks and then you get up to the top and then you get all the money from the people below you. That is a pyramid scheme because you’re not actually getting anything for that money. Those types of schemes are illegal.

World Ventures is completely different and absolutely nothing like that. It’s a proper, legitimate, legal company. It’s been operating since 2005 in 28 different countries around the world and with over one million members.

Is it a pyramid scheme? Absolutely not. It could not be and still be legal in all these different countries. The reality is that it is a direct sales business.

Direct sales is a modern type of business model. Essentially, what it means is that instead of having multiple retailers in the middle or middlemen in business and paying big money for all different types of advertising, the direct sales model means that you go from one person directly to the end user.

What that means is that once you become a member, you don’t have to go through anyone to access the product. The fantastic thing is by having over a million members, their buying power is outstanding. They buy rooms, and hotel rooms, and they buy cruise ship rooms by the thousands every year. They create dream trips that are completely phenomenal when it comes to value for money.

The model is that you can grow a team of representatives. Because you are growing a team of representative, you become a leader. It that’s something that you choose to want to do then you can turn that into an income stream.

The majority of people truly just want to have fantastic travel. They want to enjoy affordable travel. The great thing is that World Ventures makes the unaffordable now affordable, because you and your family can go on fantastic trips. You can save thousands and thousands of dollars from the various trips that you go on.

You don’t have to invite anyone else to join you. Should you want to, it’s completely optional. But the great thing is that it’s just a direct sales business model. There is absolutely nothing pyramid scheme about it. It certainly wouldn’t be here in this country if it was.

The great thing is that we have a lot governing bodies here who protect every day people to make sure those sort of schemes are not around.

I, for one, am grateful that I’m part of World Ventures. It’s been a fantastic business for us already, one of the multiple income streams that we have. Of course, we’re already saving thousands of dollars going on lots of travel as well.

We travel up to six times a year. A lot of people will never ever get to achieve the sort of travel we get to do. But thankfully, it’s something like World Ventures where it’s a membership model, similar to Costco, has come along that now makes it affordable for everybody, and everybody gets to benefit.

Investigate it for yourself. Maybe you want to register here. You can watch a presentation about how it actually works, how it’s evolved, how it’s growing. You can make your own decision from there. I encourage you to do that. Or keep looking and see what’s right for you.

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