Is Full Time Employment Really As Secure & Safe As You Think, Or Is Having Only One Income Steam A Dangerous Position To Be In For The Future?

Hi it’s Matt Clarkson here. I just wanted to share with you a thought that was running around my head with regards to security in the workplace with regards to employment.

We’re seeing a lot of change right now. In fact, in Australia alone up to 25 percent of all positions or employees in the workplace now are part‑time. We’ve seeing an evolution away from full‑time employment. That’s for a number of reasons.
One, society is changing a bit, people want a little bit more flexibility. They want to be out of work, a bit more lifestyle based. But also on the flipside is employers are wanting the flexibility and the freedom to be able to not have to employ people full‑time as well.

That can be quite a bit of a quandary for some people because they might want more security with their work options, employment, knowing the income is coming in. Other people don’t want that so much. How does that work for you? How is that going to help you in the future? How do you psychologically deal with that?

I want to share a story with you about one of the very first times that Amanda and I went for a home loan. I was a carpenter at the time. As a tradesperson you have to find new work, new jobs pretty much every week. You’re in a house, you do the work, you’re in you’re out, you make your money, hopefully, and off you go.

What I have discovered is throughout that time when I was doing that you become a lot more flexible with finding work, confident keeping yourself employed and finding ways to earn money rather than being a full‑time employee who doesn’t has to necessarily try and figure out how they’re going to make money every week.

Even though I was a contractor it was setting the foundation for me to become an entrepreneur and not frightened of trying to find ways to make money. Many employees have that mindset where they feel secure, they’ve got their special little area, they’ve got their confidence and their comfort zone. For them making the transition to an entrepreneur can be a little bit harder to do and a bit harder to achieve.

I find for me that it’s a lot more powerful if you’re not so reliant upon just having that full‑time income.

To keep going with the story, when we went for one of our first home loans the bank manager at the time he was quite firm and very autocratic. He was actually saying, “How secure are you in providing income, the fact that you’re not full‑time employed?”

This was at a stage when a lot of banks were in the process of downsizing their staff and they were sacking their management. I was probably a bit naive, I didn’t mean to be rude, I said, “Well, at the moment banks are sacking all their middle managers. How secure is your job right now?”

I said, “At the moment I have to find a new job every week and I’ve been doing so for many years. For me the security of finding a new job is pretty prominent on my focus every single week anyway. I wasn’t afraid. I could go out find work and bring some money in the door.” Employees are a little bit different.

The reason for this video is I wanted to open up your mind to the reality of this changing economy, the changing world where your job may not be secure if you are an employee ongoing and who knows for how long.

Industry is changing. We’re seeing the manufacturing industry in Australia disappearing very quickly. In fact, Ford Motorcars is slowly disappearing from Australia. Whoever would have dreamed that one day they might not even be making cars here in this country? That could now be a reality.

What other industries are going to go down the same track? What other industries will be outsourced to different countries overseas, different communities where they can do it for a lot cheaper than we can and maybe they’re geared up to be able to deliver a better product even for a cheaper price.

When you’re thinking about your future making that transition if you are comfortable in being employed right now then that’s great but think of the future. What if…What if it was you that was later going to be outsourced, your position was outsourced and you were no longer needed? Will your industry still be here in 5, 10 years? What will you do then?

I just want you to keep that in mind. Think of the future. Think how else can you change what you’re doing. If you’re already on that journey, already on that path, congratulations to you.

If you’re not on that path just yet don’t be frightened of it. Take the leap. Understand that you can start things on the side, you can get things going. You don’t have to put your family or your financial future in jeopardy.

You just might need to put a bit more activity in, take more action so you can start learning to make this transition to being an entrepreneur, being self reliant and having a lot more confidence that you can take care yourself in the future because I think there’s going to come a time where you just might need to.

Let’s hope so and let’s hope you’re ready for it. Bye for now.

Matt Clarkson.



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