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Welcome to this week’s series on different game changing apps, and how we can use them in our life. This week we’re talking about an app called iRecorder. The thing about iRecorder is it’s a really simple app that you can get on your smartphone. What it’s designed to do is to basically record anything you want.

I’ve used it for going to seminars and I’ve recorded certain courses that I’ve been sitting in. I can go back and listen to it later. What I’ve found is with the iPhone specifically I have an iPhone, but it doesn’t matter which one the sound is amazing.

The microphones are fantastic, they pick up everything really easy, and it allows you to go back and to listen to things later. For one, iRecorder, you can record simply. You hit the record button, you can play it back, and even more importantly, you can share this so easily. You can download it to your iTunes account, and then you can listen to it back later on, or you can email out to people as well.

What I’ve found, in our business, the way we use it is for things like customer support sometimes, and you may have even actually experienced this where people will email in a question to the helpdesk.

If it’s a rather in depth type of response or answer to that question, what our team do is they’ll actually grab their phone, they use iRecorder, they record the message to the email and send it back rather than sitting there, typing out this long winded explanation, which often and I’ve timed myself doing it.

If I type something out, it can take 5, 10, 15 minutes to formulate what you’re going to say, write it up, sounds grammatically correct, making sure that it’s written in a way that’s not going to offend anyone because sometimes people take things the wrong way in the written format.

The word is so easy because the communication’s easy to understand, people understand the nuances of what you’re saying, the tonality, they hear what it is, and you can explain things lot easier and far quicker.

Something that would normally take only 15 minutes to respond to, I can usually get it done in two, two and a half minutes. You can shoot that off in an email and you’re on to the next one. It’s a quick, time efficient way of saving your time, and also being able to let you then get on with the day and other more important tasks.

IRecorder, it’s a really good app, it pretty sure it’s free. You’ve probably found out the ones that you can use as well. There’s quite a few different game changing apps like that around. We’ve just found that to be a really simple one, just try it out.

Try responding to emails using audio instead of sitting there, typing it out, because it just takes a lot of time. Something new, something easier, something changing the game. See you in the next review of the business changing disrupting apps.



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