How To Build An Importing Business From Home Instead Of Looking At A Business For Sale

Hi It’s Amanda here, best selling author, eBay expert, importing expert, and mentor.

The reason I thought I’d make this quick video today was because, over the past eight years, we’ve been importing products from overseas and bringing them back to Australia, and then onselling these products to people all over the globe.

People always ask me, how do you start an importing business? What’s the most important thing? What product am I going to sell? In fact, that is always the number one question on most people’s lips ‑‑ what product am I going to sell?

I want to share a little secret with you. The secret is that the most important rule of all if you want to make money on the Internet in any way shape or form. It’s not about the product, it’s about finding the gap in the marketplace first.

How do we do it? We simply look for the gaps in the marketplace. Look for products that people want, not necessarily need. I’ll say that again. Products that people want, not necessarily need. Then we simply go out and see if we can get our hands on those products to fulfill the marketplace.

We stand out by doing things differently. We create our own designs. We use better packaging. We make the products a little better quality than the rest of the products in the market place. You’ve pretty much got a ready made business just from doing those few things alone.

So, the tip for the day is, where are the gaps in the marketplace? Ask your friends and family. What products do they want that they can’t seem to find? What products do they use all the time that they believe could be better quality or different dimensions or colors and things like that. Read magazines. Get out there and open your eyes and mind. The truth is, there is simply so much opportunity that I, quite frankly, have to keep my blinkers on.

I love importing. I love doing the research. What I know about importing, what I’ve seen, and what our results are, there is so much opportunity out there, whether you want a part‑time business, full‑time business, or just a different lifestyle. This is a great lifestyle business.

Remember. Where are the gaps in the market, and how can you be of service to the people and fulfill those needs? Hopefully, that will help you. I’ll be seeing you a lot more because I’m going to be sharing a lot more importing tips and tricks with you, as that’s the feedback we’ve been getting from many of our viewers.

Have a great afternoon. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye now.



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