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Isn’t it Your Turn to Get a Slice of the $255 BILLION* Online
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eBay Mastermind

Here’s How to Discover Every Advance Tip, Proven Strategy And Jealously Guarded Secret Which Could Literally Turn You Into the Next ebay Success Story!

Just imagine how your life will change when you make the decision to create your own ebay business…

Think of the new choices you’ll have…

The Freedom an unstoppable cash machine on ebay can bring is truly life-changing

Will you:

  • Take more holidays?
  • Buy a new car?
  • Pay off your debts… imagine, you… “debt free”!!!
  • Make decisions based on choice and not whether or not you can afford it?
  • Help your favourite charity?
  • Give more gifts to family and friends
  • Really indulge in those special family moments… because you can!!!

Whatever future you want to create you can, if you have a desire to succeed and follow a proven system like ebay Mastermind.

If you are ready to take the first step towards creating your dream home-based business with ebay Mastermind But you’re concerned about making a mistake – and what you are really getting yourself into – then let me put your naturally cautious mind at ease.

You see ebay itself has the backing of the Australian Government and even Australia Post has partnered with ebay to make shipping items faster and easier for sellers

How big is the online retail market just in Australia?

Nearly 80% of all internet users in Australia will make a purchase online and amazingly ebay receives 13% of all retail site visits, making it the single largest player in the online space in Australia.

The second largest website to receive visitors in Australia is Gumtree, which is also an ebay owned company and together they are leaps and bounds in front of some of the largest brands in Australia.

This is astounding when you consider that companies like Bunnings, Apple, Target and JB Hi-Fi, arguable some of the most recognised brands in the country, only receive around 1% of Australian online traffic each.

Clearly ebay isn’t “going away”.

And if you think online shopping is a passing fad, think again. Here’s what Frerk Malte Feller, Managing Director of PayPal said:

The number of shoppers continues to Increase. Those already shopping are now shopping more frequently. During the last 6 months, 500,000 new customers signed up for PayPal and started shopping.

As you can see… being online and being on ebay really is the ONLY place to be!

The BEST NEWS is that we have been at the forefront of ebay education and believe our ebay Mastermind Home Study Course to be the BEST in the world.

Of course, not having worked with us before you may not be sure how this all really works and whether or not it all seems too easy, there must be catch or possible risk I’m not telling you. This is understandable.

Let me assure you, you are 100% covered by our industry-leading “Rock Solid, No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee”.

Here’s how it works

Our Rock Solid, NO RISK,
100% Money Back Guarnatee

This system works for us and many others. If you learn it and use it as it’s described, because you’ll want to, it will work for you too. 100% Guaranteed. In fact, we’re so confident, we offer an UNEQUALLED in the ebay industry, 100% Money Back Performance Guarantee on our ebay Mastermind Training Program.

Use the program and implement all the strategies outlined in our system. After that, if you can show us exactly how you have followed all the steps and implemented each of them and in the unlikely event you don’t make at least your full investment back…
We’ll refund 100% of your initial investment!
Simple. Easy.
So you have 2 options here. You can implement the proven strategies and make more money easier than you ever thought possible and live your dream life… or you’ll get 100% of your money back.

We can’t be any fairer than that now can we?

No one else in the industry offers such stringent guarantees nor have they assembled such a comprehensive team of experts ready to help you.

There’s nothing we’re not telling you. We have no hidden fees or “surprise” ongoing charges. The only costs you will have are the very minimal costs that are naturally incurred with running your ebay business and using the ebay platform.


We consider ebay Mastermind as the world’s premier ebay training course.

  • Everything it contains is based on our massive success since we first started back in 2006… no theory, no hype, no fluff. Even after all these years we still sell everyday products on ebay seven days a week so we know and understand first hand exactly how to help you fast track your ebay success
  • That’s right, every one of the hard-won strategies, tactics, tips and secrets we’ve used to sell millions of dollars in stock on ebay since we began… you get everything in our “headspace” and ongoing daily experience. You see, we walk the talk; which means there’s nothing you’re going to experience that we and our members don’t on a daily basis. For you this means total peace of mind and knowing you’re in safe company
  • Hundreds of “ordinary” Aussies (just like us) now make their living thanks to what they’ve learned with ebay Mastermind.

Ok, so you’re really clear, here’s the massive value that’s
coming your way with ebay Mastermind… you get:

  • The two “ebay Mastermind” Course manuals we painstakingly wrote ourselves, which contain over 600 pages of pure ebay treasure. Here’s where you’ll find every one of our most jealously guarded ebay Secrets that have made us Platinum Power Sellers in our first five months of selling on ebay! Not only that, we’re now on to our third ebay business which is already automated up to 80% and making us thousands of dollars net profit per month after just 9 weeks of being launched. That’s for doing less than a few hours of work a day, which is extremely exciting and rewarding as you can imagine!As you can see, this is not a fluke; it’s a proven formula that works every time the steps are implemented exactly as we say.Imagine how your day to day life could change if you had 2 or 3 of your own ebay businesses making hundreds or even thousands of dollars profit every week, year in year out? Would this make a difference for you and your family?
    Earnings Disclaimer
  • Never has another ebay seller revealed in detail how they make their money because they’re frightened of too much competition. Not us… we have an abundance mentality and hopefully you have too, because this is a market that could never be saturated because of the sheer number of new members signing onto ebay every day.The ebay Mastermind course initially took us over ten months to complete (and still we keep adding to it)so as you can imagine, we’ve really downloaded every single tip and advanced strategy that you need to be extremely successful selling on ebay.Not only that, because ebay is an ever changing market, we learn new things almost daily which of course we share with you. Our education and mindset is paramount to our success so you get to take full advantage of all that we know.You see, we wanted to give you absolutely everything so that you’d be able to become ‘self sufficient’ and be assured that the treasure map to making money on ebay was yours after completing this course.Even better… not only are we revealing absolutely every ounce of our ebay juice… you get over twenty five years combined business knowledge that will set you apart from the everyday ebay seller. You simply cannot get access to this sort of information anywhere else. Guaranteed.

It’s not just about teaching you how to make money on ebay… this course is designed to help you avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes that will cost you years of frustration and wasted time, not to mention the money you could possibly lose doing things the wrong way.

And most valuable of all… this course will show you exactly how to set up and create an ‘asset’ that is very valuable PLUS take you by the hand and show you what it takes to go from a standing start to becoming a smart business person who can adapt as the ebay market place changes constantly. Priceless!


  • 12 DVD & CD lessons of the most critical tasks you’ll need to master, to be in the top 5% of ebay Sellers. Just pop the disc into your computer and ‘look & learn’. All the tools we currently use to make our ebay business hugely successful will be revealed before your eyes. Let’s take a look at what these exciting lessons contain…
  • Completed Listings… how to search and see what other successful sellers are doing and what you should and shouldn’t be learning from them. You’ll discover how to know how much money you’re likely to make for the product you’re selling and if it’s hot or not! Also, here’s where you get to ‘spy’ on other ebay sellers and even see how much money they’re making!
  • Discover what your competition is doing right and doing wrong and how knowing this information can give you a massive advantage over other sellers. It’s a fact that over 54% of things listed on ebay DO NOT sell or get bids… learn how to avoid that pitfall and profit while your competition flounders.
    The great thing about this is that you can get a good understanding of your market before you invest your hard earned money and save yourself unnecessary stress and financial loss
  • 12 Ways You Can Profit on ebay.Here’s where we discuss all the different ways you can make money on ebay. Depending on your outcome, your personality, how much time and money you have to invest, will ultimately help you decide on what selling method is going to suit you best. With so many options at your fingertips, the only downside is choosing which style of ebay business is for you. Who knows… maybe more than one!We know no one else in the world teaches this many ways of making money on ebay so here’s your chance to discover what will and won’t work for you. You see, having a business on ebay is all about getting the lifestyle you really want so why not have a business that gives you just that!With so many options, we’ll show you how to decide which method will best suit you and your desired outcomes. This alone will save you possibly years of frustration and heartache trying to work it all out!
  • Sourcing Products. Once you know exactly how to research hot markets, sourcing products actually becomes the easy part. We’ll teach you how to find and speak with legitimate suppliers, so you’re assured of dealing with the ‘right’ people when it comes to your new business. Just knowing these few tricks of the trade can literally determine whether your ebay business will be a success or failure! It’s that’s important.Not only that, it’s the ‘how to’ sell on ebay most ebay sellers fall down on. Most think it’s all to do with whatyou’re selling but this couldn’t be further from the truth.You’ll be amazed and excited at just how easy getting your hands on a never-ending supply of products to sell really is once you become a ‘product magnet’.
  • Copywriting for Profits. When you start selling on ebay, you must understand you’re now in the business of telling ‘stories.’ Shoppers are looking for an ‘experience’ when they come to ebay to shop, so if you can wrap an interesting story around the products you’re selling… you’re miles in front of your competitors and far more likely to get more bids and ultimately make more profits.This ‘must know’ section alone could possibly be the deciding factor whether or not you ‘dominate’ your chosen category and make maximum profits long term.You’ll learn little known secrets 95% of ebay sellers have no idea about when it comes to knowing how to create a compelling listing that sells. Just understanding these skills alone will set you miles apart from your competition and they’ll be left wondering what happened?
  • Listing Types and Strategies. Knowing how and when to list your items for sale on ebay is paramount to your success. You’ll discover all the different ways you can do this to maximize your profits from day one.You see it really does matter what times and how you list your items for sale. You’ll discover how easy it is to find out when the optimum selling time is for the products you sell and what type of listing will best suit your market.Know the best times to sell, so that shoppers can easily find you while your competition flounders and finds it hard to make any money at all!Knowing how and when to use these strategies can literally increase your profits by up to 50%! This means your business is worth even more as it grows in value…
  • Managing Your ebay Business. It’s all about being organized and on top of all tasks. You’ll learn how to do this with ease so that you can grow your ebay business as big as you’d like without losing control.The reason why so many businesses fail is simply because people spend too much time working in them instead of working on them! Here’s where you’ll learn how to control and organise your daily tasks so that you can watch over your business and grow it into a profitable and valuable asset.You’ll learn all the necessary steps and how having a ‘blueprint’ at the start will have a massive impact on you and your business. Knowing how to create your ‘blueprint’ alone is worth the whole investment of this course. You’ll save years of mistakes and heartache!
  • Automating Your ebay Business. This is going to be your favourite part. Here’s where you’ll find out how to automate your whole business by up to 80% (depending on the products you sell and how you run your business).In fact most of your daily online tasks can be automated using these simple systems. The great thing about this is that you can concentrate on growing your profits instead of doing mundane paperwork and chasing money!Often for people who are making the transition into having a business for the first time can end up being really busy but not very effective or profitable. ebay allows you to automate your systems so much you truly can become time free.Best of all….you’ll have so much free time you can either do as you please or concentrate on growing the business even bigger for more profits. You’re in total control of your own destiny! Who knows? Maybe you’ll start selling into another category and grow another profitable ebay business!

  • How to find an “untapped” category from the 50,000 ebay categories ready for you to break into
  • Hot Product Research. You’ll see Matt conducting research while he looks for hot products. He’ll reveal exactly what to look for and how to determine whether or not you’d even consider selling a particular productThe great thing about this is that you won’t need to invest your hard earned money on products that won’t sell. You’ll discover the magic of being able to practically ‘forecast’ your future sales. Priceless wouldn’t you agree?
  • How to do a killer listing. Watch as Matt walks you step by step through the exact steps we take to create listings that sell! This is the most important step of all, because this is where you’re about to convince shoppers that you’re the one they should be spending their money with. Remember… people buy based on emotion not logic which means you’ll make more money based on knowing what your customers really want!
  • Listing with Auctiva. Here’s another amazing tool you’re about to discover where you actually get ‘affordable’ listing services. This is the tool we use and it saves us hundreds of dollars every year.Not only that they have great templates and listing features which allow you to create a professional look and feel right from the beginning. ebay is now the world’s largest online department store and you have the ability to set up shop and look like a global player immediately. Auctiva helps you to do this and for literally only around $10 per month you can access hundreds of templates. More importantly when you know how to use the extra marketing tools on ebay you can do it here for a fraction of the cost.
  • How to open and run your ebay store. Discover how you can have more than just one income stream with your ebay business. You’ll look as professional as any storefront in mainstream business and probably make more money.Having an ebay store is like having your very own High Street location in all of the best shopping districts you always hear about. From London to New York to Sydney… you literally have a shop front on every corner in every city. All this without having high end rents, hundreds of employees or the headaches to go with it.
  • Getting Started Quick Start Guide DVD. Learn the 5 Steps to getting your business kick started in the right direction. We’ll explain each stage of the process to startng a new online business and creating a true lifestyle that gives you time and cash flow to do the things you love.You can’t really put a price on the value of the information included in these sessions. When you apply the information we share with you, coupled with the recipe of success we employ, you’ll be able to create the solid financial foundation you might be searching for.

The Ultimate Key to Fast Tracking Your Success #1
Live 1-on-1 Coaching For 12 Months!

Now just imagine you had some one-on-one hand holding from an experienced ebay business owner who had been personally trained by us… who was running their own very successful ebay business…

Imagine the ongoing “insider” secrets you’ll get.

Think of the time and money you’ll save avoiding any trial and error! Certainty… clarity… momentum… the keys to any business success will be yours.


When you choose to invest in ebay Mastermind, you receive 4 x 15 minute Power Sessions!

Yes, that’s personal 1-on-1 calls with one of our Easy Home Business Certified Mentors who are experts in answering your questions and keeping you moving forward, valued at $1,000!

It’s like having your own business coach helping you plan and implement your success!

You can spread these calls out over months or use them as and when you need… 3 the first month, 1 the next and so on… you’re in control because it’s your business.

Stop and ponder for a moment the immense value in this… No trial and error… No uncertainty leading to inaction… No worry about whether or not you’re making the right decisions…

With one of our trained mentors in your corner, you’ll KNOW the answers!

The Ultimate Key to Fast Tracking Your Success #2
1 Month Online Membership & Structured Step By Step Lessons! (Valued at $49)

1 Month Online Membership & Structured Step By Step Lessons! (Valued at $49)

What if you had a place to “hang out” chock-full of information… structured learning, updates to the latest ebay news, tips and trends, links, tools and new products… how would that change the game for you?

No, you’re not left to your own devices, you’re supported 100% of the way with FULL ACCESS to our exclusive Easy Home Business membership site!

Here’s where you’ll find over 60 ebay lessons at your fingertips! The great thing about this is the whole ebay course is broken down into ‘bite size’ lessons so it’s super simple for you to stay focused and on track.

You can literally work as fast or as slow as you choose.

All the lessons are available from day one, however we still send

you the weekly lessons each week to help keep you on track week by week.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Weekly eClasses emailed directly you… yes, we’re going to “guide” you every step of the way… plus give you homework to prepare you for the next lesson… so you create a strong foundation to build your business on! Remember, knowledge is power and that’s what you get with your membership!
  • Lessons broken down into bite sizes, which means having them delivered to your ‘inbox’ each week will ensure you’re on the right path as you move forward with your business. Because there are many and ongoing changes on the ebay platform, here’s where you will get all updates and ongoing personal video mentoring with Easy Home Busiess should you choose to continue the subscription.
  • 24/7 Knowledge Base… our automated help desk software operates around the clock so you never have to wait around for answers. It’s updated with new blogs, video and info almost daily and if you can’t find answers you’re looking for you can lodge a ticket where one of our mentors will reply within 48 hours (Mon – Fri).
  • The best thing about the help desk is that every time one of our members asks a question, the answers stay within the database which means you’re more than likely to have your questions answered instantly instead of waiting for a reply!
  • Links, Tools, New products, News, Resources, Videos and everything else we can get for you to fast track your profits. If we think it’s useful… you’ll be the first to know! As you can imagine, things change often so we make sure we’re on top of things and keep you posted the whole time. It’s our mission to make your ebay journey as fun and simple for you as possible.
  • Remember… our promise is to keep you educated while you get to concentrate on growing your profits on ebay!

So Remember, You Get Powerful Personal Mentoring And Lifetime Help And Support To Fast Track Your Success… ebay Mastermind… Is A Virtual Business In A Box, Complete With All The Tools You Need To Succeed!

Remember… ebay Mastermind comes with

*TWELVE* Incredible Bonuses To Help Make YOU Even More Profits As You Expand…

As you can see, we have more than enough gold nuggets here to help you become more profitable on ebay. In fact, if you were to follow every step and strategy outlined in the ebay Mastermind course, you could quite literally become the next ebay success story. What would your friends and family say then?

We have built SO MUCH VALUE into the training to help make your decision even easier!


Super Bonus #1

Getting to Know the ebay Website Video. Sit back and watch as Matt walks you through the ebay website and points out in detail how to make the most of what’s at your fingertips. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned seller, you’ll have your mind opened to endless possibilities and how this amazing platform that’s ever changing works!

Super Bonus #2

12 Monthsof FREE ebay updates and interesting facts as they occur. We educate… you just make money! You’ll hear from us at least once or twice a week with useful pieces of information you can implement into your ebay business to help you profit faster. If we feel you can benefit in any way, you’ll be hearing about it!

You’ll notice that we often send our information via live video so that you can see us and get a feel for who we are and what we stand for. You’ll feel as though you’re sitting in the same room and it makes a great change from plain old emails!

By the way, every year we attend the annual ebay Live seminar in the USA and come home with loads of information we’ll be sharing with you first hand on all the latest and greatest in the world of ebay and what it means for you.


Super Bonus #3

12 months of guidance and support via email and phone plus weekly emails and videos that are designed to keep you on track with your ebay business, no matter what level you’re currently at. They’ll keep you motivated and point you in a clear and precise direction so that you can move forward confidently.


Super Bonus #4

Understanding Your Seller Ratings DVD. This video lesson will explain exactly how the ebay platform works and how your seller ratings can greatly affect the amount of sales you make on ebay and how to have your listings shown higher in the search results to attract even more buyers.


Super Bonus #5

3 Audio Training CDs.These three 1-hour recordings contain many of the secret weapons most ebay sellers don’t have access to; that is, ‘how to plan your way to ebay success and how to aim for your exclusive desired outcome.’

In our opinion these are the most valuable of all CD’s in this course because here lies the information you will need to create your own ‘blueprint’ to ebay success.

Again, our combined 25 years of business knowledge will knock years off your learning curve and save you countless hours of frustration and lost money & time trying to work things out for yourself.

You’ll discover our magic formula for how we went from dead broke to ebay millionaires in under 2 years and how you can too by following these powerful steps.

Whether you want to make a part time income on the side or really go the next level of income whatever that means for you… these CD’s will guide you and help you ‘think and plan’ your way to ebay riches.

This course is not just an amazing opportunity to create a cash flow business on ebay… it will also give you the ability to create a big ticket asset you can either sell down the track or leave to your family. Priceless!!!


Super Bonus #6

1 Month free subscription to the extra online training lessons where you get weekly e-lessons, a community forum, blog & help desk to keep you on track as you learn and grow.

This is your online lifeline where you hear from us every week via email and live video recordings. You already know our view on the importance of being mentored ongoing for success, so you won’t want to miss this. Being part of this membership is vital to your success because here’s where you’ll discover lots of changes that may occur that are not in your manuals. Also, here’s where Matt and Amanda upload lots of videos sharing their views and experiences on different ebay topics.


Super Bonus #7

4 x 15 Minute Private one on one phone mentoring sessions with an ebay Mastermind mentoring coach. We’ve already gone over and over the value of having mentors in business and how it’s fast tracked our success in every area. Imagine having direct access to people who have already blazed a trail in what you’re about to do? Who knows where these private coaching sessions may lead you and what possibilities may come from just having your mind opened to other money making ideas you may never have imagined? Priceless.

If you’d like during these calls, our mentors can look at your ebay business while you’re on the phone and actually guide you with any aspect of growing your business. Sometimes they will see something that needs changing in an instant and the effect can mean more profits for you!


Super Bonus #8

You get a complete critique of your ebay business when it’s up and running. In other words, once you’ve sold all your unwanted stuff from around the house and have your ‘real’ business up and running, Matt and I will set half a day aside where we’ll go over your ebay business with a fine tooth comb, looking for ways you can improve it to make even more money.

Once we’ve done this, we’ll spend time on the phone with you going over every aspect of your business and sharing with you how we think you can maximize your profits even more. We did this for one customer we were mentoring and in one week they added an extra $9,900 to their ebay income. Priceless as you’d agree.


Super Bonus #9

You’ll get a one hour video lesson explaining how you can access over 8,000,000 name brand products. In this screen recorded exclusive interview, you’ll discover step-by-step how to access and

contact legitimate wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers all over the world.


Super Bonus #10

ebay & Importing Mastermind 12 DVD Pack, Live Recording 3-Day Workshop. If you’re serious about making, extra incomes on ebay, you’re about to discover live with this no holds barred, exactly how to plan for your success right from the very start.

Starting an ebay business with no structured, thought out plan is like getting in your car and driving without a destination in mind. You just wouldn’t do it right?

In this 12 DVD series, you’ll watch unfold before your eyes the live 3 Day ebay & Importing Mastermind Workshop. We run these ‘sell out’ workshops on the sunny Gold Coast twice a year where up to 350 of our ebay members on the same journey as you come together to learn how to grow a successful and fulfilling ebay business.

Who knows who you’ll be sitting next to? It’s the lifelong friendships and business relationships that are formed which could really make a difference in your world. Can you afford not to watch it?

Here’s where we literally turn ebay ‘inside out’ for 3 massive days and you get to hang out and meet others on the same journey as you. It’s a life changing event you wouldn’t want to miss for all the tea in China and certainly something you’ll want to watch until it’s your turn to join us live!


Super Bonus #11

You get access to our chosen & proven industry experts.

Over the past dozen years we have secured only the best experts in our industry and having access to their details will not only save you years of trial and error but will save you thousands and thousands of dollars in wasted time and money trying to find the right people to do business with.

Make no mistake… it can be a minefield out there trying to locate the right people and contacts that can make or break your business.

We have collected many contacts over the years that have helped us along the way and now we want to share those with you.

This knowledge alone could possibly be the deciding factor whether or not your ebay business will be everything you want it to be!


Super Bonus #12

We’ve saved the best till last. 4 Tickets to our highly sought after and always sold out, 3 day ebay Mastermind Live Workshop. You and your partner, friend or family can join us for any one of our exclusive ebay workshops to be held on the beautiful sunny Gold Coast. During this jam packed interactive 3 day workshop, you’ll have live access to us, two of the world’s leading ebay experts and our whole support team.

These sell out workshops are held twice a year on the Gold Coast and around 300-350 Easy Home Business ebay members on the same journey as you get to hang out with us and watch as we turn ebay inside out and open your mind to endless money making possibilities with ebay.

It’s fun, interactive and life changing to say the least. We promise you won’t leave the workshop the same person as you walked in though! We will work on your mindset and help you take that next step with your ebay business!

No matter if you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned seller… you will leave this 3 day event and know exactly what to do to take your business to the next level no matter how advanced or new you are to this amazing lifestyle! An absolute must but be quick… every workshop sells out every time because no one else will teach you what we’re about to! Guaranteed!

This in an interactive, advanced, yet fun live workshop you wouldn’t want to miss for all the tea in China!

These Pricesless Business Building Bonuses Are Fully Included With The ebay Mastermind Pack!

Wow… yes it is a lot!

We include EVERYTHING… and we mean “EVERYTHING” in the ebay Mastermind course to help you succeed!

How much would you expect to pay?

Given where it could take you and the incredible value built into the programs $12,000 would not be unreasonable would it?

Well, you won’t pay even half that!

To make it as affordable as we can we’ve set your investment at an incredibly low figure… are you ready?

The investment for the ebay Mastermind is only…



Unbelievable value I’m sure you’ll agree!


Ok, we’ve covered a lot of ground so here’s a quick recap in this table:

“ebay Mastermind” Components

ebay Mastermind

The Two “ebay Mastermind” Course Manuals we painstakingly wrote ourselves, which contain over 600 pages of pure ebay treasure including:

Completed Listings How to search and see what other successful sellers are doing and what you should and shouldn’t be learning from them

7 Ways You Can Profit On ebay. Here’s where we discuss all the different ways you can make money on ebay

Sourcing Products Find legitimate suppliers, wholesalers & manufacturers

Copywriting For Profit Learn the secret formula to write copy that sells

Listing Types And Strategies Knowing how and when to list your items for sale on ebay for maximum results

Managing Your ebay Business How to be organised and on top of all tasks to spend less time working in your business

Automating Your ebay Business Discover how to automate your whole business by up to 80% – 90%

Total of 30 DVD and CD recordings of the most critical tasks you’ll need to master, to be in the top 5% of ebay Sellers

Super Bonus #1: Getting To Know The ebay Website Video checkicon
Super Bonus #2: 12 Months Of Free ebay Updates And Interesting Facts As They Occur checkicon
Super Bonus #3: 12 Months Guidance And Support Via Email Help Desk checkicon
Super Bonus #4: Understanding Your Seller Ratings DVD checkicon
Super Bonus #5: 3 Audio Training CDs to Discover Our Magic Formula checkicon
Super Bonus #6: 1 Month Free Subscription To The Online Weekly e-Lessons & Videos checkicon
Super Bonus #7: 4 X 15 Minute One On One Phone Mentoring Sessions With An ebay Mastermind Coach checkicon
Super Bonus #8: A Complete Critique Of Your ebay Business Once You’re Up & Running checkicon
Super Bonus #9: 1-Hour Camtasia Video Explaining How You Can Access Over 8,000,000 Name Brand Products checkicon
Super Bonus #10: 12 X DVD Set Of The 3 Day ebay & Importing Mastermind Live Workshop checkicon
Super Bonus #11: Access To Our Chosen & Proven Industry Experts checkicon
Super Bonus #12: 4 Tickets To Our Highly Sought After 3 Day ebay & Importing Mastermind Live Workshop checkicon




So there you have it. If you’re ready to claim your life back right now and join the literally hundreds of everyday people making money on ebay by following our proven system, then here’s what to do:

Option 1: Wait for your pre-arraged Client Advisor to call at the time agreed, OR



Option 2: If you can’t wait and want to get started NOW simple Contact you Client Advisor on the details below

Here’s how: Phone: (07) 5526 9639 Email: info@easyhomebusiness.com.au Why Settle For Anything Less Than The Best, The Most Complete And Proven ebay Training Course Offered Anywhere In The World?

Remember the ebay Mastermind Rock Solid, NO RISK, Money Back Guarantee giving you peace of mind!

And remember the amazing FREE Action Taker bonus set on offer (valued at $25,317) which is yours when you act NOW and invest in the ebay Mastermind, the world’s most popular ebay education program! Simple …


*In Enabled Commerce Volume (ECV) for the full year 2014