Do You Want A Home Business Or A New Jobs In Home Opportunity And What’s The Difference?

Hi. Matt Clarkson here. Over the last nine years, we’ve actually been showing people how to create an income from home.

It’s really interesting to see the transition that people go through. Initially, what they’re doing is they’re trying to find a way that they can actually get a work-from-home job.

With a work-from-home job, they’re really just trying to replace what they’re currently doing, which is; show up, do something for somebody, and get paid. With the mindset of that, you’re still allowing yourself to be controlled and dictated to by someone who is paying you the bill.

The reality is that maybe you might be working from home, which gives you some form of freedom. You think you got more freedom. And perhaps that’s all you’re really looking for, which is great.

What we’re seeing now is that when jobs are getting harder and harder to find. The reality is that more employers are starting to think of ways of outsourcing or not having employees all together. It really is starting to change the game.

One thing I saw recently — this is really quite fascinating, because I’m always following this sort of stuff — was how a large Japanese company has actually started to use an algorithm where the supervisor of the team is actually a computer program. It’s a software program.

What happened was that there were people that were coming to work each day, and they would do their normal tasks. But instead of a human actually monitoring what the people were doing and starting to try and refine the workflow better or get people to be more productive, this software program was basically running the show.

It was then starting to look at where people were being productive or where they weren’t being as productive as they possibly could be or once were. It was starting to refine how the business systems worked.

Often, we hear about the employees becoming redundant due to robotics and software. But now, when you’re starting to talk about supervisors actually running the show being software and computer programs as well, it really is starting to, I think, if you’re not looking after yourself and maybe starting to think about a work-from-home business rather than a work-from-home job, you’re going to be left out in the cold quite possibly.

For me, I want to try and really make people aware of the changes that are coming, start to change the way you think. Rather than trying to be an employee in a different place, start to think how can I be more in control of my own future, more in control of my own outcome, more in control of my own income.

What that means is, start to think about what is right for you, what skills do you have, are you prepared to change the skills that you currently have to suit the new economy.

The digital economy is here. It is changing the game every single day. We’re seeing jobs change, we’re seeing people losing their jobs quite often, and it’s being outsourced and moved overseas and replaced by software.

What I would like you to start to think to yourself is, and ask yourself the question, “Do I really want another job or do I want to be more in control of my own destiny and create some form of business?”

I’m not sure what the right business will be for you until you start to educate yourself, go to different courses and try and understand what are different ways that you can create an income on the Internet from home.

I definitely encourage you to do that. Investigate everything, try and discover what would be possible right for you now, but also moving into the future.

I think traditional employment is changing. I think the Internet has completely changed the game. If you do just want to work remotely from your own home. Fantastic. All the power to you. There are more and more companies that are allowing that to happen. But you’re still being controlled by other people’s destiny.

Who knows, one day, could the job you’re doing be replaced by a robot or could be replaced by a software program.

Lots to think about. I can highly encourage you to take action now, and not 5, 10 years down the track, when all of a sudden, everyone’s trying to do the same thing.

That’s what we do. We’re constantly on the lookout. We’re finding new ways to improve to create an income, whether it be from websites, large platforms like eBay or Amazon. There’s a lot of opportunity out there. Now is the time to get started.

Please, think about it. Take action. Secure the future for you and your family. Digital economy is the way we’re going to do it. Get into it. Bye for now.



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