Carpet Cleaning Is An Easy Online Business

Do you enjoy the beauty of a clean home? Do dirty or stained carpets annoy you? Do you like helping others? Are you looking for recession proof business ideas that will flourish despite a down economy? Well, stop looking for home business ideas and start making money with your very own home based business as a carpet cleaner.


That’s right! One of the most lucrative money making ideas in 2013 is a carpet cleaning business. In fact, individuals start a home based business every 12 seconds and there are over 1.2 million home based businesses in Australia. Now is your time to clean up with the whole outsourced services profits! Now is your time to get in on this lucrative opportunity. Here are some tips to ensure that your cleaning business is a huge success.

1. Enlarge Your Vision.

Don’t just view this business opportunity as easy money. Yes, a cleaning business and other easy money making ideas can make you quick cash but, a cleaning business will likely take a bit of time to turn a steady profit. Yes, you can make money quickly but it takes time to build up a strong customer base. It takes time to perfect your skill. So, don’t expect to become an instant millionaire overnight. Instead, aim for slow and steady growth and don’t get frustrated if your business takes a bit of time to profit. Instead, take your time and ignore the impulse to jump into other home business ideas without giving your cleaning venture a fair chance.

2. Learn the Trade.

To ensure that your business is a complete success, you must learn the business and establish yourself as an expert. For instance, you must become efficient at stain and soil removal. You must learn how to properly clean rugs and other carpets. You must learn how to handle stubborn pet stains. With this in mind, you should enrol in a certification course or become an apprentice to an established cleaning service. This way, you’ll learn the “tricks of the trade” and can have a bit of “hands on expertise” and “expert knowledge.”

3. Create a Strategic Business Plan.

Starting a cleaning business requires a bit of start-up cash. Although you can get started with $5000 or less, it is important to keep your costs down. Your highest cost will be a van, professional rug cleaner equipment with a power brush/wand and cleaning solvents. You’ll also need to be licensed and to have insurance, bonding, and marketing material. In addition, you need to have a good idea of your target audience, where you’ll operate, types of products you’ll use, how you’ll get to jobs, the amount you’ll charge clients, how you’ll market your business, etc.

4. Choose A Cleaning Specialty.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll need to choose a specialty. For instance, you may want to focus on residential homes or you may find that commercial cleaning would work best. To find the most profitable opportunity in your area, conduct online and offline research.

5. Take Care of Legalities.

Next, you’ll need to register your business and obtain licensing. If you’ll be using an assumed name, you’ll need to ensure that it is available, file it with your clerk and publish it in a local paper. In addition, you may want to trademark your logo and name if you intend on becoming a franchise at a later date. Also, you should obtain indemnity insurance as well.

6. Market Your New Business.

After you secure licensing, you should market your business. Design a cutting edge website that is professional and compelling. Make sure that your copy is benefit laden and include an About Me, FAQ, Services, Testimonials, etc. Next, purchase quality business cards and flyers. To cross promote, place your URL on your business cards and flyers. Then, tell everyone about your new cleaning business venture. You may also want to use Twitter and Facebook or even give away a free eBook on a relevant topic like Organizing Your Home or Speed Cleaning.

In conclusion, starting a carpet cleaning business can be extremely lucrative. Not only is it a recession-proof business but also starting one doesn’t require much capital. Just remember to have realistic expectations, learn the business, choose a specialty and market your venture. Once you do, you’ll be one of the many carpet cleaner professionals who make a positive difference in the lives of others while making great money.



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