BRW Magazine Gone Due To New Digital Economy Changing The Game

Hi, Matt Clarkson here, and welcome to the new year. It’s an exciting start to the new year, because there’s a lot of change happening. Both online, in business, and in many areas of what I’ll call the digital economy.

I want to chat about a magazine in Australia that had been running for over 32 years, and it’s called the BRW magazine, or Business Review Weekly. The whole premise of the magazine was to be able to deliver business content that was usable, as well as good stories for entrepreneurs to benefit from, and to learn from, and to grow.

What was really interesting was that at the end of 2013, the magazine shut its doors from being a print run magazine completely. What I see, and my comment on how interesting it is, is to see the digital economy is changing and evolving. Many business models that were once traditional are evolving and changing as well.

I find it interesting that a business magazine, talking about business and growing, has had to do just that, it’s had to evolve and grow. It was no longer viable as a print magazine to make money as a business itself. Now it’s just an online website, still delivering content, but I believe that their main criterion now is obviously advertising on the website itself.

It makes me think, what else is happening? What’s changing in the digital economy? What do you want to see change? What do you not want to see change?

For example, I see a time in the future where perhaps schools, the training and education is delivered by a video content, maybe over the Internet. Could be in a school format, maybe it might be from home. Who knows where the world would take education, and business in general?

The thought is, what are you doing? How are you evolving? How are you growing? How are you changing to suit this new digital economy? Are you keeping up with it? Or trying to, because very few of us can completely keep up with it, that’s for sure. Are you learning? Are you growing? Are you looking forward to the new year? Are you looking forward to the changes that are coming our way?

I know I am. You’ve got to get past the fear factor of the unknown, the uncertainty of where the world’s going. But you can be certain of one, and that is that it is going to keep changing, and it’s going to be changing even faster as the years progress, and as technology evolves and grows.

Please leave your comments below. I’m interested to see what you want to see change, how technology can help that, and maybe what you don’t want to see technology change for you.

Thanks for dialing in again at Easy Home Business, see you again soon. Bye.



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