Being a Failure Has Led to Being Successful in Small Business From Home

Hi, Matt here. I wanted to share this video with you to talk about how me being a failure has led to being successful.

I know it’s an interesting comment. But the thing is that, when it comes to small business and you’re trying to get money coming in the door and every single day you’re focusing on how am I going to create income, how am I going to get out to my customers and how am I going to get money coming in.

Well, the reality is that if you’re doing advertising or marketing or any different way of getting people in the door, often what you do won’t work.

Most people these days, they’re so afraid of failing at something they just won’t even try. Whereas, what I’ve learned from doing copywriting and putting web pages up and doing campaigns is that 80 percent of what I do doesn’t work, so it essentially fails. That means that I fail more than I succeed.

But the reality is that the successes that you have, which are a result of going through the failures, is where you really leverage your return. It exponentially gets the results that you’re looking for.

Most people, when they’re looking at making the transition from either an employee or a traditional business owner to an online e-commerce store or whatever it might be that they’re transitioning into. They’re so used to thinking about the old way of doing things, or they’re so worried about getting things wrong and actually failing, that they hesitate to actually try and keep going and find the things that do make them successful.

With all the things that I’ve tried, with copy and headlines that didn’t work and emails that didn’t work when I was trying to blast at potential customers, you’ll learn to understand that failing is not something to be afraid of.

Failing is something that actually helps you improve, it helps you get better at what you’re trying to achieve and master, and it propels you forward to then look for the ways that you can become successful.

Ultimately, from all the things that I’ve done that haven’t worked, by persevering through and not being afraid of failing, and actually looking forward to the failures, because then I know I’m one step closer to the next success. By not having that fear, then I’m not worried about taking action and not worrying about whether the action is going to work or not.

Please, don’t get caught up in the mindset when you’re starting something new or new to business, that making mistakes is bad.

Major mistakes, of course, don’t go throwing all your money at one campaign and hoping that it actually works. You need to be smarter, you need to be more refined. You need to practice, so that when you do take action, if it doesn’t work, then you’re able to just switch path and find the next campaign, the next email, or whatever it might happen to be.

Really, what it means is, when you’re in business, just really focus on how do you improve what you’re doing. How do you improve becoming a copywriter? How do you improve your web pages? How do you improve your product?

All these things are important, because, at the end of the day, your success will be determined by the mistakes you make, the things you get right, and dusting yourself off if you do make mistakes so you can keep moving forward.

Ultimately, don’t worry about failing. Just fail forward. Hope that helps. See you in the next blog. Bye for now.



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