Are There Any Legitimate Work From Home Jobs?


This week, I wanted to talk about the whole concept of work-from-home jobs. What we see often in our industry, which is the industry of helping people create an income from home, what a lot of people start looking for initially is a work-from-home job, because a lot of us, we’re programmed to become employees.That, in fact, is what our whole education system is based around, is creating good employees. To go out there and get a job, working for somebody. That’s what we were programmed to do. Mostly from school and also from our parents, because that’s what they’ve learned how to do as well.

When people start looking at how to create extra income, maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent. Maybe there’s not enough income with what you currently do. Or maybe you’re just fed up with what you’re currently doing. You want to look for something different. What we find is, people go out looking for a work-from-home job.

It got me thinking. I wanted to find out, what is a work-from-home job? What work-from-home jobs are there, out there? Are there actually any legitimate ones? Because truly, all the people I know who create incomes from home, they’re usually in business of some form or some description. And the whole idea of a work-from-home job, most people think that they can just step into doing something.

But the reality is, you do need to learn how to do something new, whether it’s a job or a business, anyway. I wanted to look, are there any real, legitimate work-from-home jobs? It took me a while doing

[inaudible 01:36] research to try and figure out what was out there. Here are some of the ones that I came up with it.

They are real, but still you need to think about how you’re going to turn that into an income. There are companies out there that allow you to do data entry. Data entry is a pretty manual sort of job, with regards to office-admin type. Honestly, you can get people to do that anywhere in the world now for literally a couple of dollars an hour at most, if you really look for it.

I don’t know if that’s something you want to do. Another one there I found, which was probably a more possibility for creating an income, that was transcribing medical interviews or medical letters for doctors. What that means is, a lot of doctors or surgeons, they’ll record something, the prognosis of someone, or maybe they’ve sat with one of their patients.

From there, it gets transcribed into a letter or to actual information to be stored on medical records. To do that, you need to have quite a bit of training. You want to know exactly what you’re talking about. You’ve got to transcribe properly and professionally.

And of course there’s quite a bit of privacy issues associated with that. That’s something that is a real, legitimate work-from-home job that you could do.

Another one that you see popping out a lot on the Internet is paid surveys. The paid-survey concept sounds really good in theory. The reality is that a lot of people doing that these days, they’re really only offering a certain amount of money that you can build up into some of these gift cards. The ones I found in Australia, they actually were bank up…

You could get anywhere from 75 cents for a survey up to 5 dollars, depending on what it is. What they do is, when you reach a certain amount of money, they send you out a gift card from JB Hi-Fi, or Bunnings, or something like that. So it’s not really money in the bank. Yes, you can certainly spend that money.

It is something as a hobby you wanted to do to create extra ways to bring a bit of money into the family. Also, it’s going to be fair bit of work, and time, and energy, to create enough to make a difference or dent into your budget. Being a stay-at-home call center was another one that I found.

This is really interesting, because from a personal perspective, my father, who’s been the tech-support person for a company from his home for about 12 years now, he does very well in that particular aspect. But he’s got a very specialist skill in this technology-software business. He’s been out to create a home job out of doing that.

There are very few I’ve seen that you can do if you don’t already have the technical skills or the skills in the industry that you want to do this for. If you’re looking at changing what you’re doing, then that means a whole new skill set, a whole new learning process, anyway. Maybe that’s for you. Maybe that’s not for you. I don’t know.

Another thing to think about — and this is interesting, again, from what I’ve seen my father go through — is that, for him, it’s created what’s called “professional loneliness.” Because he’s been now working from home for many, many years.

What he finds is that he missed the interaction of the day-to-day with other people, with work colleagues, with the public in general, because you’re at home all day. Some people like that. Some people prefer that. But if you are a bit of a people person and you need some form of interaction, then that can be quite lonely. You got to ask the question, is that for you or not, as well.

Another one is being a virtual assistance. Again, virtual assistance, you can pretty much hire them for a very low amount of money from some of the international countries. Like the Philippines, is a big one, Indonesia, Pakistan. They can get a lot of pay with doing this role for you. They’re very professional, switched-on, educated people.

That’s what you’re comparing yourself or competing with. I got to say, to be truly honest, I didn’t find any jobs from home that I really thought were worthwhile, that were consistent, that would meet people’s needs in our country, in our society.

I keep coming back to, “Could you create an income from home and what’s that going to take?” Usually, that comes to some form of business. Or maybe you’re into share trading or whatever it might be.

I’ve had a look. There’s a lot of scams out there. Be very wary about just signing on to, because in the end, you’re going to get spammed by who knows how many different companies that your information is being sold to.

I just wanted to showcase some of the results I had for looking for work-from-home jobs. I’ve got to say, there’s just not a lot of legitimate stuff out there. Or if there is, it’s not really going to give you a legitimate income that’s going to make a difference in your life. Keep looking. Find the right business for you. There is something out there. Just don’t give up. Talk soon. Bye for now.



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