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Let’s Be Honest…If you feel any of these emotions, and you truly want this to be your ticket off the rat wheel, then STOP procrastinating and living in fear, stop pretending you can work it all out on your own, because we can help you…we are your mentors and are reaching out to help you, right now.

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Dear ebay & Importing Students

What you are about to discover could very well change your life forever. Chances are, you’ve never heard of many of the ‘wealth’ secrets we’re going to reveal. In fact, you’re going to learn money-making strategies that are not even in your ebay course, and this is why you simply cannot for any reason, afford to miss this 3 day incredibly valuable life-changing workshop.

In fact, your only risk for not being there, is missing out on knowing exactly how to build your own fortune online because as you may know, the way people shop has changed forever thanks to the internet, and if you don’t stake your claim now, well, it may be too late if you don’t get the steps right and in order!

Let me explain…

You see, if you want to know and master all the right moves it takes to grow and sustain a profitable long-term ebay business, don’t ask how much it will cost to be there… ask yourself how much is it costing you by not being there?

That’s a very important question to consider and one you might be denying the answer to, however you don’t have the luxury of time to waste if you haven’t figured out the answer yet.

As you know, your ebay education course already includes four exclusive workshop tickets as our gift to you, so all you need to do is turn up with an open mind, a positive attitude and be ready to discover all the exciting ways to fast track your ebay business.

Secure your seats for this exclusive 3 Day ebay & Importing Mastermind Workshop to be held on the sunny Gold Coast right now before they all go!

Friday, May 5th – Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Mantra Legends Hotel, Laycock Street, Surfers Paradise


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This event always fills up fast… so don’t hesitate for even one more moment, below are just some of the very important reasons why you need to be there:

During this 3 day event, you’ll truly come to understand just how far you can take this opportunity, should you implement all the money making strategies you’ll discover.

Never before has anyone outlined exactly what the hidden recipe to success on ebay is and you’ll learn ground breaking strategies, no one else even knows about right now, let alone teaches! And yes, they’re all tried and tested strategies because we do this business everyday.

Seats are very limited, so avoid disappointment and register right now before it’s too late. Remember we only do these events twice a year now and missing out could mean waiting another 6 months, and we know you don’t have that time to waste.

Register your details and your guest details right now!

Here’s 5 Game Changing Big Reasons Why You Can Not Afford To Miss The Worlds Only ebay & Importing 3 Day Intense Workshop…

We’ll be challenging you to think about your current financial reality…and what it means to your families future security and this is why we’re going to give you absolutely everything we can to make sure you get it right.

We’ve been importing products into Australia since 2006 and into America for the past 3 years!

Amanda has become a master at what steps are an absolute must
so that you don’t lose your money and your mind during the process!


Your Dreams

While this is all pretty exciting, here’s what it really means for you:

Once you implement the massive time changing strategies we’ll share with you, you’ll then have more time to do the things you really love to do and spend the time with the people, you really love to spend time with.

And isn’t that what you really want? To live life on your own terms instead of someone else who dictates your day?

  • Have you ever wanted to be able to surprise your family with a holiday to Hawaii…Thailand…or Disneyland? And pay for it with the profits from your online business! That’s right….NOT out of your own pocket-but out of money which has been flowing into your PayPal account from you ebay sales!
  • Have you ever wandered into a car dealership…looked at your dream car and wanted to pay for it right on the spot? -Without worrying about finance and repayments?
  • Would you like to send your kids to the best schools without even worrying about the term fees
  • Or what about going to any restaurant whenever you wanted to and never having to think about the cost of food and drink?
  • And have you ever dreamed about being able to pay off your mortgage 10 or even 20 years sooner?
life dreams

Let me share something very personal:

When we were really struggling financially, we used to dream of all these things. We practically had no money and our confidence was starting to decline because we felt lost and at times desperate.

But what we didn’t do was ‘give up hope’ and the search for a smarter, better way to make money. We knew it had to be the Internet. Well, the rest of the story is history (you’ll hear more about our climb from the bottom at the workshop) and now we can do what we want, when we want, with whom we want.

Our lives have changed forever… and so can yours if you join us and let us help and mentor you to success. We’ve helped hundreds of others and now it’s your turn.

You’ll have access to us (your mentors) for the whole 3 days. Yes, that’s right, you get to ask us any questions you like and we always make time for these sessions so make sure you have your list ready.

Remember… it’s the conversations and special moments we share together that are life changing and can never be captured in a manual or workbook. Just one conversation with us, or our team of highly trained mentors, could in turn make you thousands of dollars in hidden profits and not only that… get you to where you want to be faster and with less mistakes!

Kylie & Daniel made $1,500 in their first 10 days selling on ebay. They now make $10,000 per month part time and are on target to make $100,000 in their first year by implementing what Matt & Amanda teach in the ebay program, click the play button below to see more:


Remember… We’ve gifted you FOUR FREE tickets to this 3-day workshop, so do whatever you have to do to be at this exclusive twice a year only event. Don’t dare miss out. You’ll never forgive yourself if you do and your family won’t either! 😉 Let’s face it… if you’re serious about making money on ebay long-term so you can live the life you deserve, and you want to know all the secrets to creating a highly profitable, automated business on ebay, then you might want to get your flights booked; as soon as you’ve registered your seats. The 3 Day ebay & Importing Mastermind Workshop will be held on the beautiful sunny Gold Coast with Matt & Amanda live, at the Mantra Legends Hotel, Cnr Gold Coast Highway & Laycock Street, Surfers Paradise

The Workshop is being held at the Mantra Legends Hotel
Corner of Gold Coast Highway & Laycock Street
Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Friday, May 5th – Sunday, May 7th, 2016
Located on the Beautiful Gold Coast

All the details including start and finishing times, accommodation and what to bring are on the ‘Thank You’ page which you’ll see after registering and if you are unsure of your guest’s name/s register yourself today, then simply email your guests names to as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Why you cannot miss this life-changing event:

This is a three-day event, because we want to jam as much content as we can into the time you’re with us and you’ll be able to go home and crank your ebay cash flow business to a higher level, much faster and easier, without all the hassles we went through. We are so serious about you getting success and ongoing cash flow with your business… that if you already have something else planned, cancel it! No matter how important your plans seem, we believe you’ll want to cancel them because we may never be covering these advanced strategies again and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this cutting edge information you must know about. We are going to share with you very personal business information that you won’t find in your manuals because we are doing this business right now in real time and you’ll want to know what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. On top of that…we’ll even share what’s NOT working for us so that you can avoid these costly and very painful mistakes! OUCH! We guarantee this event will fast-track your ebay profits faster than you ever imagined or believed possible. You WILL profit massively from our wealth of knowledge and experience, so you will want to be there.

And just in case you’re still ‘umming and arring’?

If you’re deadly serious and want to fast track your ebay profits and success, then spending three full days with us could launch you into becoming one of the 20% of ebay sellers who make between $50,000 and $200,000 on ebay per year. That’s literally one in five sellers making a living on ebay…are you?

Justin is making $75,000 a month and growing thanks to your help
Matt & Amanda, click the video below to see more:


What You’ll Be Learning

Here’s just a snippet of what we’ll be delving right into over the weekend. Remember…this is a live event so you’ll have the benefit of being immersed in your learning and more importantly, having direct access to your mentors so you can ask questions, learn from others and make the most of this opportunity.

How to set yourself up for long term income success from day one. Whether you want to top up or replace your income you must know these strategies and systems or you’ll be wasting your valuable time.

The old way VS the new way of selling on ebay. We’ll debunk some of the old myths about making money on ebay and you’ll see why it’s probably the best time in history to grow an online business beginning with the ebay platform and expanding from there. With 1667 ebay millionaires in Australia alone, wouldn’t you want to know what they know but most don’t?

Different ways you can make a great income with ebay. Depending on the lifestyle you want, there’s a business style that will match so this session is a must. It’s all about getting the business to work around your life, not you working around the business long-term. We’ll delve into the pro’s and con’s of each type, so can get a clearer picture of the one that will best serve you!

  • How to find the hottest categories and best selling products on ebay and more importantly, which categories and products you may want to avoid all together. We’ll go into depth about researching and identifying great product ideas as well as how to know when you’re onto a winner.
  • All new changes coming to the ebay platform from May 2017. What it means and how you can take advantage and turn change into profit!
  • Discover the power of our ‘Cash Flow Freedom Formula’. We’ll go into how to build a full time income with a part time business using this simple yet powerful little formula that could literally see you build wealth sooner and live life sooner
  • Why selling what you want to sell might not make you the income you want. Learn how to discover product ideas more easily so you’ll never be left wondering how to begin another income stream should you want to
  • Learn How to grow your database off ebay and turn it into a virtual money machine.
  • How to find quality products from real manufacturers while avoiding all the nasty pitfalls many others make during this process!
  • How to know if you’re dealing with the right suppliers and not just middle men who baffle you with BS leaving you vulnerable and uncertain about what to do. Learn from our personal experience and how we overcome these obstacles that are very common
  • We go into detail with all the stages and steps involved with the importing process. You get to see first hand Amanda go thru our own very detailed process of beginning to end. This information alone will be worth you attending this event. She will share with you what has taken her 10 years to master!
  • Why knowing how to write compelling titles and descriptions of your products can make you a fortune on ebay or send you miserably broke if you don’t follow these steps we’ll be giving you. If you think you can skip this part, you’re in for a big shock and you will see why
  • Learn all the secrets of making real profits that over 95% of ebay sellers simply don’t know about. Making money on ebay can be simple but certainly not easy so why would you not want to know as much as you can about it? You’ll be light years in front just by coming along and absorbing our 27 years of combined business experience.
  • How to automate your business to the point where you’re only working part-time but making a full time income. This is the best part of all. Once the setting up of your business is complete, here’s where you really get to live the lifestyle you want because this system (Freedom Formula we call it) can replicated over and over. Its up to you how many times!
  • Plus so much more that you would not want to miss out and why would you? This is your life and this is your final opportunity to get this information in it’s current format because we are changing it.

This Will Be The Most Intense 3 Days Of Your Life… And You Must Be Dedicated To Following Your Dreams And Creating The Automated Business You Imagined For Yourself and Your Family When You First Started Selling On ebay For This To Work.

All we’re going to say is that you simply must be there and all you need to do is register below to hold your spot. This 3 day ‘hold you by the hand’ event is crammed with tons of honest, straightforward, nuts and bolts information you’ll be able to use immediately. Guaranteed.

You won’t be disappointed… in fact, you’ll be talking about this for months because we’ve got some exciting things happening which we won’t’ reveal now.

PLUS: we’re going to stress here that if you register below, then we are taking that booking as a promise from you that you’ll be there as someone else may miss out.


We’re certainly looking forward to seeing you for a jam-packed weekend of fun, learning & networking with other like-minded ebay and importing entrepreneurs.

You’ll be hearing from us with regular ‘event updates’ so keep watching for our emails.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing and meeting you on the sunny Gold Coast soon!


Matt & Amanda Clarkson

Easy Home Business “Smart Business… Better Lifestyle!”

P.S Please, if your circumstances change and you can’t make it for any reason, please let us know by sending us an email so that we can allocate your seat to someone else who really wants to come and might not otherwise be able to.

P.P.S If you truly want to be the next ebay millionaire or even one of the sellers who make between $50,000 and $200,000 a year on ebay, then you need to be at this event. Get around others who are on your team, who want your success as much as you do.

Remember… your success is our success and we want you to have every opportunity to enjoy the life you and your family deserve as soon as possible.